Open-source and reusable toolkits, datasets and notebooks

To democratise AI and digital twinning technology our team are developing open-source toolkits and resuable pipelines to make sure our tools can be adopted by the wider research community and stakeholders.

Digital Twinning is a next generation technology for environmental modelling, taking us beyond traditional climate simulation models by enabling us to get answers to “what-if” questions within seconds. Digital Twins are already in operation in industry and involve highly interoperable data pipelines, optimisation, and a mixture of knowledge-informed and data-driven probabilistic machine learning. Digital Twins are increasingly becoming a key component for research discovery, and aiding discussions at the board-level without having to wait weeks to months for results from traditional computer models.

Digital Twinning for decision-making

Boosted by a £6m investment, we are developing digital twin technologies solving significant societal challenges and generating tangible societal benefits in Environment and Sustainability.

Autonomous Marine Operations Planning

The project Autonomous Marine Operations Planning is investigating and developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning toolkits to provide decision support for marine operations planning, to minimise the fuel usage across marine vehicles in multiple-year science cruise planning..


Scivision is both a webapp and a Python package for discovering, and using pre-trained computer vision models and image datasets from science and the humanities. These models and datasets are available in a catalog, which researchers working in diverse fields have contributed to.

The Environmental Data Science book

An open and community-driven online resource to showcase and support the publication of data, research and open-source tools for collaborative, reproducible and transparent Environmental Data Science.