I lead a team across two research institutes, the AI Lab at the British Antarctic Survey and a group under the Environment and Sustainability theme at The Alan Turing Institute. We focus on the application of AI for environmental science, decarbonising polar operations, and the development of digital twins of the natural environment.

  • Harrison Abbot, BAS (Net Zero Operations)
  • Tom Andersson, BAS (Environmental Prediction)
  • Meghna Asthana, Turing (Earth Observation, Computer Vision)
  • Ellie Bowler, BAS (Earth Observation, Wildlife)
  • James Byrne, BAS (Research Software Engineer, Digital Infrastructure)
  • Alejandro Coca Castro, Turing (Environmental Prediction)
  • George Coombs, BAS (Net Zero Operations)
  • Ben Evans, BAS (Earth Observation, Icebergs)
  • Ayat Fekry, BAS (Net Zero Operations)
  • Maria Fox, BAS (Net Zero Operations, Principal Researcher)
  • Samuel Hall, BAS (Net Zero Operations)
  • Martin Rogers, BAS (Earth Observation, Sea Ice)
  • Jonathan Smith, BAS (Net Zero Operations)
  • Michael Thorne, BAS (Net Zero Operations)
  • Louisa van Zeeland, Turing (Earth Observation, Sea Ice)
  • Peter Yatsyshin, Turing (Deep Generative Modelling, Digital Twins)
  • Donya Yazdani, BAS (Net Zero Operations)

there are many other members working in this area as part of the BAS AI Lab and the Turing’s Data Science for Science Programme

PhD Students

  • Andrew Clelland (BAS & Durham University, 2021-),Supervisors: Gareth Marshall, Bob Baxter and Scott Hosking
  • Marc Girona-Mata (BAS & University of Cambridge, 2020-), Supervisors: Andrew Orr, Rich Turner, Scott Hosking
  • Raghul Parthipan (BAS & University of Cambridge, 2020-), Supervisors: Damon Wischik, Scott Hosking and Hannah Christensen
  • Kenza Tazi (BAS & University of Cambridge, 2020-), Supervisors: Scott Hosking, Rich Turner, Andrew Orr
  • Risa Ueno (BAS & University of Cambridge, 2018-), Supervisors: Scott Hosking and Alex Archibald
  • Arron Watson (University of Birmingham, 2022-), Supervisors: Luisa Orsini, Jiarui (Albert) Zhou, Scott Hosking

Masters Students

  • Andrew McDonald (BAS & University of Cambridge, 2023), Supervisors: Scott Hosking and Rich Turner

Completed students & past members

  • Robert Rouse (University of Cambridge, PhD, 2018-2023), Co-supervisor with Allan McRobie and Emily Shuckburgh
  • Will Tebbutt (University of Cambridge, PhD, 2017-2022), Co-supervisor with Rich Turner
  • Matt Amos (University of Lancaster, PhD, 2017-2021), Co-supervisor with Paul Young
  • Charles Simpson (BAS, Post-Doc, 2019-2021)
  • Anita Faul (BAS, Post-Doc, 2018-2021)
  • Grzegorz Muszynski (BAS, Post-Doc, 2020-2021)
  • Eleanor Krige (University of Cambridge, MSci/Part III, 2021)
  • Clare Allen-Sader (BAS, Post-Doc, 2019-2021)
  • Marc Girona-Mata (University of Cambridge, MRes, 2020), Co-supervisor with Rich Turner
  • Tudor Suciu (BAS & University of Cambridge, MRes, 2020), Co-supervisor with Hamish Pritchard
  • Kenza Tazi (BAS & University of Cambridge, MRes, 2020)
  • Anna Vaughan (University of Cambridge, MRes, 2020), Co-supervisor with Rich Turner
  • Daniel Bannister (BAS, Post-Doc, 2015-18)
  • Michelle McCrystall (BAS & University of Cambridge, PhD, 2014-17)
  • Fruzsina Agocs (University of Cambridge, PhD Industrial Placement, 2019-20)
  • Tom Andersson (University of Cambridge, MEng, 2019), Co-supervisor with Rich Turner
  • Aymeric Delon (ENS-Paris-Saclay, MSc, 2019)
  • Daniel Popa-Christobal (BAS, Internship, 2018), Co-supervisor with Daniel Bannister
  • Stratis Markou (University of Cambridge, Internship, 2017), Co-supervisor with Rich Turner